Key points:

The transport is easy and the whole system fits in a flight case.
Setting up everything takes 30 mn.
Assembly requires no screwdrivers. Just plug it in and out to start and shut it down, thanks to its internal batteries.
We have a lot of experience with events, electrical issues, mounting and dismounting hassles, so we designed everything to be easy to setup, and fits into any decoration.

The setup is made of two objects: The Ikanection Box and the Ikanection Totem.


1: Your branding using back projection screen.
2: Back screen stored in the top rollup.
3: Your branding using a photo call.
4: The photo call can be hidden in the bottom rollup.
5: Video back projection beamer.
6: Brandable laquered metal.

The box contains your branding material. Your branding material can be a photo call (micro-perforated backdrop), or a projected picture or video. The box in contains a beamer that can back-project the marketing material on the frontscreen. The box also contains part of the hardware needed to perform the silhouette extraction.


1: Camera.
2: Crowds feedback monitor.
3: PC.
4: Users feedback monitor.

The The Totem contains 2 monitors, stereo speakers, cameras, the PC that computes everything, and a Wi-Fi router so that cell phones and tablets can connect to Ikanection in real-time and be used as remote controls.

Main differences compared to green screen technology:

Both Ikanection and green screen technologies provide an excellent silhouette extraction service. The main advantages that Ikanection has are:
Branding: The back screen doesn't need to be green (or blue).You actually can print whatever you want on the back screen, you can even play a video on it!
Flexibility: It works in most lighting conditions. Ikanection is very resistant to light spots, sunlight & moving lights. You don't need a technician to create a perfect flat surface with no light spot.
Moveable: Ikanection is set-up in 30 minutes and fits in a flightt case. It's easy to transport and deploy it anywhere.

Main differences compared to Microsoft Kinect technology:

Microsoft's Kinect is a great product with amazing capabilities. Still, it uses very thin infra-red rays to perform its detection, and these rays get lost when there's too much sun light or powerful light spots (such as on-stage lighting systems). Hence, to reach the light conditions robustness needed in events and conferences, we did not use the Kinect, and created our own custom hardware. Also, the Kinect features 640*480 image resolution, which is not enough for the huge screens used in events and conferences. With our custom hardware, we deliver full HD signal.