Interactive, simple, fast, and secure polls & voting sessions
Real-time and comprehensive statistics and charts
All the advantages of today's web technologies versus old electronics


IKAVoting uses the Wi-fi infrastructures to deploy an ad-hoc web address to which authorized devices can connect, as they would connect to any web page. Every voter can use his own device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) rather than using traditional electronic voting devices. Web technologies allow very rich user interfaces on the voterís device screen, and also offer high standard encryption, privacy and security features. Organizers get instant results & charts, they can choose which they will share with whom, and when.

What it changes:

Classical voting device IKAVoting
Expensive: Need to purchase or rent devices People use their own device
Error prone: people make mistakes pushing the wrong button Buttons are labelled for each question, translated in the holder's language
Limited: Only buttons can be pressed Sliders, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, any control is available to answer questions
Unsecure: Radio frequency transmissions are easily spied, prone to noise and perturbations Use of HTTPS encrypted connections, each device is bound to a unique voting right
Slow: Results need to be processed before being revealed Results can feed real-time HTML5 generated charts and texts